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I have now over 5000 songs in the Google Music 'cloud' and played around with it a bit.Uploading over DSL takes serious time. I think the transfer runs now over a week through WiFi.

Streaming my music to an Android phone is kinda cute, but the Music app is a big cpu/memory dump that killed my weak 600 mhz BASE lutea frequently. But that's ok, since it's allbeta. (Maybe the interaction with the last.fm app and the download background app was the main culprit)

What's worse ist that all tunes I want to keep on the device for offline playing land in a cache folder on the SD card with names like 3456.mp3
Whoever decided that original file names of peoples' own mp3 files cannot remain and have to be changed to xxxx.mp3 is an asshole IMHO.
I imagine that they have to deduplicate the files in the cloud in order to save space and that this comes with a price. But even then xxxx.mp3 filenames are not s.th any user could want.
I can, on the other hand, imagine, who could want such masking of what is what. Nicely done, Google, indeed.

I hope that there will be services for Squeezebox and SONOS etc in place soon, because I must admit that I don't listen to music on my smartphones and laptops that often and apparently apps for iPhone or iPad are not available, too.
But maybe Google - after the purchase of Motorola - is in it to finally build the infrastructure for the ultimate iPod killer?
Now that would be justawesome!
Not that I gave Apple's iPod too much of a long future anyway … ;)
And then there are Apple's plans to get things not only done, but right.
It will be interesting to see how the hardware/software/OTA combo is played out by the company that gave us all those versions of iTunes, billions of iPods and a proprietary connection cable.

[EDIT] PS: The service is officially still available only in the US. But cheating with the invitation system and downloading the Android app is no problem for anybody who is able to use Google. This lesser known search engine. ;-)