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SSO is not easy in Drupal

At least Single Sign On won't work out of the box if you're on Drupal 6 with drush on the Master installation and Drupal 7 without a shell in reach on the "Slave".
I spent my whole afternoon with Bakery and now know that you may lose your client/slave installation completely, because you will not be able to log in any more, whether the module is active or not, even with the googled PhpMyAdmin/SQL search results run through the database.

I know I should have tested in a more "labaratory" environment, but that's not what I had available today.
So the lesson is that a real SSO environment like the one found at d.o takes a bit more involvement than one afternoon of curious tinkering.
Which isn't that bad, speaking from experience … ;)


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7. Jul 2011 17:48 (UTC)
Sooo google translate is totally refusing cooperation for this one! ;)
8. Jul 2011 06:37 (UTC)
It may be somehow hidden underneath, but the text itself tried to be written in English!
That's why Google translate perhaps refuses to work for you.
In such cases i recommend Google comprehend. Try it, it's *awesome*! :-P
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