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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

So I have this Android Xperia smartphone and I had to reset it to factory settings for some reason and after that my paid apps were missing and upon re installing everything from backup I was confronted with the request to repurchase them and when I checked with the Android Market none of my paid apps were there. Ooopsie!
Of course all the receipts of my purchases in Google checkout were present. Sigh of relief.
So I thought: "Maybe a server hiccup or a faulty connection or some stupid typo, why not reset the phone again, just to be sure."
Of course that didn't help. Not one of the four, five times I retried.

Which is when I began to look for help on the websites of the Market and Google.
And here my disappointment slowly began to rise.
Because apparently Google thinks it's sufficient to confront it's customers with the same stupid web forms for the clueless Google search engine crowd, and not a single phone number or a possibility to have somebody  chat with you or a free form to whine my complaints into. What's wrong with my whining, is it my fault those apps are somewhere in Google limbo but not on my phone?
Because, dear Google, here's the difference: I have paid for them, and you took 30% of my money.

So let's check out where you're situated at service level. Reading through your help pages again.
Nothing on disappeared paid apps it seems. The problems with unsynched Market accounts still dominates.
The highlight of my odyssee came when I found a place where I could at least report my issue with a single click. WOW.
Which button, after being clicked, was greyed out and said "reported". No personal information asked, no chance to write about the issue I was having, nothing. Reported.
Aha. So that's what happened to my money? It's now in some report of yours'? Thank you so much! ;)
In the help pages of Google checkout of course I could report any issue to every single app vendor freely, but I don't think I'm wrong when I state that this has nothing to do with the  vendorS, the problem is with Google. And Google doesn't want my sentences of complaint.
But after another round of clicking I found it!
The "killer" page where I could type something in and after sending the form being told that some expert from Google will get in touch with me soonish. It's here. As a  reminder for me when this happens again. Hopefully.
Unfortunately if you're browsing the help sites in German, as I did first, you can't reach this page or anything equivalent.
I leave it as a task to the reader to figure out what this means for a positive consumer experience.
PS: It seems Amazon plans a new service center in Berlin. Maybe hope and relief appropriate customer service for disappointed Android users is coming from there? I'm all in.