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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

How to Master Sadness

When I wrote here last time I didn't know it would take me more than a month to post again.
And I wouldn't have thought, that the sadness of a tsunami and an earthquake would be the reason for posting.
Actually all I wanted to do for days was change this stupid LJ's theme from the Japanese February setting to something else, because I didn't know if in this theme there was something that mentioned it was actually February-like or something else I just didn't comprehend.

But when thousands of people die and many are in danger you can't think or do that without afterthought.
So in order to fight the sadness of another human catastrophe I decided to escape to the colourful funny "Manga One" theme by Tiffany Chow that's heavily inspired by an all too Japanese future driven robot style.
Reality is brutal enough. Only in fighting it with optimism can we survive its misery. Sometimes we might even win.
It's seldom enough, though.