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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

So it's sunday and we should all be lazy.
Except for our regents, who's duties never end, at least on them Tubes?

Exp. 1: "Queen of the House" video, courtesy of queen Jody Miller and others

Exp. 2: "King of the Road" video, courtesy of Roger Miller (not related with 1)

I leave it up to you to decide, which of them is weirder and more embarrassing under what circumstances.
But you might as well feel entertained, right? It's sunday, remember.
And your new years resolutions are still unbroken, aren't they? ;)

I eg. shall be reading some good russian humour later today for a start and it's 100% tsar free!

Danke, Herr Glaser.


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21. Jan 2011 02:10 (UTC)
Wooow.... they're both.. very 60s! I'm not sure which one is worse/better - the king of the house seems more natural though, while the guy is more forced and completely not into being the king of the road! She seems pretty into it! But for all the complaining she looks like she DID get her hair done for about three hours! :D Aaaaaah the 60s... But this is typical of even today - at least back then they had an effective counter culture to these "main stream" videos, whereas today it seems that even the counter culture sold out! I invite you to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26NaGLx6Tdg :)
21. Jan 2011 02:12 (UTC)
queen of the house. i mean queen of the house!
26. Jan 2011 10:10 (UTC)
Hehehe, so queen of the house it is? You're welcome ;)
You're right, in times of 'globalization' it's not easy to be "controversial" and not in jail or degraded by TV.
So how about a toast to The Velvet Underground and those times that unfortunately are gone, without us even having been in them? :)
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