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Letzter Eintrag | Nächster Eintrag

Hate on first strike

After what happened to the Wikileaks organization I think we can freely assume that the threat of three strikes we have been dealing with and arguing against until now in fights with governments and media lobbyists has vaned.
It took VISA, PayPal, MasterCard and PostFinanz just one single inconvenient moment of doubt and/or government pressure to end their services for Wikileaks in an hetherto unprecedented overnight unity.

If you watch this short animation please think about it as a thing from the past. Like pictures from a long lost war.

© Video copyrights Nina Paley and the EFF, published unter a CC-licence.

It's no more only the RIAA instrumentated police that threatens our global freedom of expression and information, it's not a communist dictator with weapons of mass destrucion: it's these huge - too big to fail comes to mind, ironically - companies, that are able to act just like ENRON, BP, the seemingly uncontrollable banks as well as the globalized pharma industry, that we've already gotten used to somehow.
If politicians and industry leaders are so close to each other that there's no need for police and courts any more to shut anybody down, who then needs your "AGREE" signature any more?
If history goes on like this, our kids will have their agreements to almost everything stamped onto their birth certificates already.
Just like in China and other countries that were stereotypes for the lack of a freedom guarantee until now.

Maybe that's the price of globalization and our governements have only sold out behind our backs to cover the sad facts.
I'd love to see this contradicted by a cable, though.

PS: Please note that the person Mr. J. Assange is not mentioned in this rant.