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A while ago i began to take photos of things before I threw them away.
It wasn't a decision that I made, but a rather a inuitive solution to the common problem, that I inhabit a flat full of things that have adventures and stories and precious moments attached to them and the more I collected, the less space was left for me. Or emptiness. Or something else, even nicer. Etc.

Even the best flats tend to fill up and become uncomfortable the longer you live in them and you have to accomplish some kind of healthy balance between irritating and sterile.
Unfortunately they teach you no golden rule in school and our moms aren't really helping, too ;)
So you have to find out for yourself by trial and error …

Many years later, as I said, I just took photos like this one on my smartphone every time I had to leave something behind that once was kind of precious to me, or unique in itself or attached to an experience.
But when I occasionally told someone about it, the common reaction was a curious "Why?"
I didn't know the answer until recently. Now I think it's just simple and not too stupid:
I wannt to preserve my memories longer this way.
Not in some abstract matter of filling another digital photo album in the cloud with weird stuff, no.

See, I already have a wooden chest full of old Russian literature for when I'm old, to train my brain and still have fun then.
With those photos some appropriate day in the future I can create my own  "Memory" like concentration game, after I'm through with the Russians, if you know what I mean ;)
And even in case those snapshots of MY time can't help me recover the magic of the original moments then any more, still I'm curious if they'll make a difference to, let's say, being forced to watching ridiculous shows on TV or tablets or what they'll serve then. I hope they'll do.

I think it's worth trying.

When weather forecast apps deliver

If you can't win at least try to fake it - that's what I often think when I look at weather apps.
For instance this one for BB10: Tolkien would be very proud of a castle on top of mountain Sniezka in Poland! Now if only hordes of animated Orcs ran towards me while I'm looking at it, that would be reallycool.

Otherwise, asking Cortana or Siri seems also dull as long as they can't answer in Werner Herzog's voice …

My tweets


My tweets (recursiveness galore)

Neue Projekte entwickeln ja oft ihre eigene Dynamik.
Und das, an dem ich gerade sitze, flüsterte mir zu, ich solle mich doch mal wieder mehr um meine Wurzeln kümmern!
 (Gemeint waren natürlich die digitalen, go figure! ^^)

Ich fand dies mein olles Tagebuch von 2004 - das es immer noch gibt! - sowie sein korrespondierendes, nur 3 Jahre jüngeres, seit Jahren schlafendes Twitter-Konto in Ermangelung von Zeit und Lust für hippe Experimente allererste virtuelle Bio-Sahne!
Also fix neue Schlüssel erstellt und alles auf Stand gebracht. Möge der Spaß auf's Neue beginnen.
Spaß. Was man in den Interwebs halt so hat, gell, H^H^H^H^

PS: Dieses Apple-Radio, also najaaaa. Dutzendware, würd' ich sagen. Ein John Peel ist IMHO derzeit keiner dabei, aber vielleicht sind die Zeiten einfach andere. Für meinen Geschmack habe ich ein paar sog. Hits jedenfalls ein bisschen zu oft hören dürfen, Pop hin, Pop her.
XING-App AUF, gucken, was man in der Businesskasperwelt heutzutage so macht.
Bemerkt, dass das Profilfoto asbachuralt ist, man sein Profil aber in der App nicht ändern kann.
XING-App wieder ZU, geht weg mit Eurem Gebettle. Das kenn ich schon von fejsbu.

XING-Website AUF, in bester Absicht, und um zu gucken, was in der Businesskasperwelt in letzter Zeit so in ist.
Mit Schrecken erkannt, dass diese Website offenbar von außerirdischen Monstern erstellt wurde, die Millionen orientierungsloser Businesskasperle in kleinen hilflosen Icons gefangenhalten und unter dem Vorwand von "Erfolg" wild umherschubsen.
XING-Website ZU.

Foto ist nun aktuell, 'nen neuen Ohrwurm hat's Profil auch und ich weiss wieder total Bescheid. FREU.

Quite a fighter

I don't remember the exact day in spring when I bought her, but this little balcony flower here was my single best fifty ¢ investment of the year.
She's blossomed ever since, erecting new mating proposal into the world week after week for all the local insects (and me) to see.
I understand that taking over the world must be a very tricky endeavour, indeed and it certainly needs all of your shamelessness and perseverance…